Here at Avachyle Academy, Inc. we are committed to providing top quality educational support to students from Pre-K through 12th grade, as well as some vocational support for students with disabilities. Below is a list of the services that we provide with pricing.

Financial Literacy

Weekly ZOOM classes for kids and teens to help with their financial literacy. Too often students do not understand money, spending, saving, and even information such as bank accounts, paying bills, large investments (houses, cars, etc). This used to be taught in classes such as Home Economics, but sadly is not available anymore.

Beginner – learning basic money skills, identifying, counting, etc.
Advanced – diving into spending, saving, managing checking accounts, credit cards,
interest, etc.

Pricing: $30 / Week or $100 / month for 4 lessons
Students with a current Academic or Behavioral IEP or 504 plan will receive 25% off
(An IEP for just speech fluency does not count.)


Weekly ZOOM classes to teach basic coding and robotics skills to students. Students will learn basic coding using a Make Block robot (Make Block Robot). Students will be responsible for purchasing their own Make Block robot.

Pricing: $40 /Week or $150 / month for 4 lessons
For an additional $100, students will be able to compete in a local Robofest competition. Avachyle Academy will register, coach and mentor the student in preparation for the event.

IEP/504 Advocate Support

Pricing will include an initial consultation as well as one more meeting prior to the IEP/504 meeting. It will also include travel to the school for the IEP/504 meeting (or participation via ZOOM as needed).

Pricing: $200

School / Teacher Support

Academic Support to include Behavior Management System – We will implement the curriculum and clubs that are detailed in the tabs on this website. Pricing depends upon size of the school and different services that are required. This can include the creation of only the robotics/engineering club.

Email and/or Phone Support – Please use email to setup this service. We offer one free 15-minute consult to schools, districts, teachers or families who need assistance. Pricing for continued support will be discussed depending upon what is needed. We will be available to create social stories and other materials for an additional charge.

Academics: Students will be motivated to learn as they engage in problem- and project-based education. They will confront realistic scenarios and problems as they learn to research and develop solutions to the issues. Students will develop traits and characteristics that will help them succeed throughout their school-life as well as into their career.

Collaboration: Students will learn to be a part of a team, working together to achieve a common goal. In all activities, they will plan, research, design/develop, build, test, evaluate and redesign their solution. Students will learn that sometimes (most times) they will encounter failure but that is the purpose of the “redesign” step of the process. Rarely is a problem or issue solved the first time; they need to constantly evaluate and redesign in order to eventually come up with a solution.

Robotics Club: Here at Avachyle Educational Services, we will help organize and train your personnel to host a Robotics/Engineering Club at your school or organization. Pricing will be discussed as they vary depending on the services that your school or organization wishes to receive.

Services that are available:
* Purchase of materials
* Professional development for staff (initial and/or ongoing support)
* Registration of teams into competitions
* Mentorship of student teams

Pricing: Pricing is negotiable and depending upon the services that your school requires, as well as the size of the school.